A spectacular podcast hosted by Matt Peters with guests, snacks, geekery and more!


A cross-post for Lex & Matt's Excellent Adventure (check us out!). Matt and Dee embark on a resnackulous journey featuring pumpkin spice, Binging with Babish, and McCafe coffee drinks! 


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Resnackulous is BACK(ulous)! We begin 2019 with an explosion of flavor as we try the new Chocolate Berry Cap'n Crunch, Love flavored Oreo Cookies, and Flamin' Hot Doritos. Thankfully, we space them out a little bit with some news from the world of snacks. 

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This epic episode features two amazing guests!

First, I stop by Chicago's Emporium Beercade to talk to Nerdcore rapper Mega Ran before he goes onstage. (More here:

Next, I have a leisurly conversation with gentleman Jared Cullum. He's the writer and artist for the upcoming Fraggle Rock title from Archaia/BOOM! Studios. (More here:



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Hiya, folks! Don't sleep on this current episode of Since Last We Spoke, but the next one... OH MAN, you're gonna love what we got!

This time though, Dee and I dig on a little #Resnackulous news, and also sample the new Neapolitin M&Ms. 

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On today's episode of Since Last We Spoke, Matt and Dee delve into another #Resnackulous adventure! This time around we cover:

  • Sour Patch Kids Fire
  • Oreo Mystery Box #2
  • New Diet Coke Flavors
  • More!
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January 30, 2018


It's a new year, and that usually means new beginnings, but somehow Matt and Dee end up with some very familiar Oreos... It's a #resnackulous adventure!

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The 2017 #Resnackulous Fall Classic has arrived! Hear what's on the agenda for this year's gala event.

Also! I talk RAKS TERROR with Jean-Pierre Virdine along with some other fun stuff. 

Check it out!

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This is it! The finale to 2017's Cast A Day. If you play each episode backwards in succession, it's an audiobook version of Amy Poehler's "Yes, Please." 

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Corey Greene makes his triumphant return to Cast A Day. We discuss several current events in the world of comics and super hero pop culture. Listen in for Corey's take on this penultimate instalment of Cast A Day 2017! 

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Terry Gant was able to shave off some time to talk (on a Wednesday no less!) about comics, storefront maintenance, and much more.

Make sure to visit Third Coast Comics and see why its one of the best comic shops in Chicago!

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