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June 9, 2017

Cast A Day 2017 #9: Queen of Fighters

Tanya DePass will never stop fighting. We should all feel thankful for that. Her voice demands equality in representation from Chicago to Austrailia and everywhere inbetween. Our conversation here goes beyond the basic intro, so for those looking to learn more about Tanya's I Need Diverse Games movement, please go back and listen to our conversation during Cast A Day 2016 Episode 13.

How can you support the #INeedDiverseGames movement? It’s simple! Follow Tanya on Twitter both at @CypherofTyr and her team at @INeedDivGms. Take a look at her always entertaining Twitch channel. Then, subscribe to the Fresh Out of Tokens podcast. She’s got a Patreon (as does the INDG team) if you’d like to subscribe, and last but not least, buy one of the soft and snazzy #INeedDiverseGames t-shirts right here.

Psst... Hey you... wanna spring for a cup of coffee? Click here! Ko-fi.com/A784BBN


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